When employers invest in their employees’ well-being, it has an impact in the workplace and beyond. Wellspring’s high-touch approach helps maximize the return on that investment.

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Introducing A New and Innovative Service Offering—Employee Stability Program™

Wellspring’s Employee Assistance Program is proud to offer the Employee Stability Program™, designed to address employee financial crises earlier, help employees retain or regain housing stability, and reduce the costs associated with lost productivity and turnover for employers.

Every company is different. Your EAP should be too.

It’s never been more clear: The challenges people face in their personal lives affect them at work, and vice versa. Employers who want to invest in their team’s well-being, inside and outside the workplace, choose Wellspring EAP.

Our clients get the most value out of their EAP investment when their teams actually use the benefits, so we go above and beyond to ensure our clients’ employees have exactly the services and supports they need, when and how they need them.

We do that by developing meaningful partnerships with our clients, built on collaboration and deep understanding. We take time to learn about each client’s business—including their unique cultures, values and goals—then tailor our offering to their specific needs. At Wellspring, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits all.

Why Wellspring?

  • Our high-touch approach allows us to customize our services and develop new products and approaches to proactively address challenges to workforce trends.
  • We’re creative problem-solvers who have designed and deployed integrated on-site counseling programs, back-up care programs, web-based stress management tools, organizational development initiatives and specialized team resiliency programs.
  • Wellspring EAP™ also works with employers to address and resolve complex issues that impact employee performance and the overall work environment.
  • We know the financial impact to employers when employees are distracted by crises in their personal lives. We also know that, for employees, these crises can lead to job loss and, eventually, homelessness. Wellspring EAP is committed to helping employers minimize the cost of turnover while preventing homelessness in our community.
  • As a social enterprise division of Wellspring Family Services, revenue generated from EAP business helps support our efforts to end family homelessness in our community for good. Each business and organization that chooses Wellspring as an EAP provider becomes a partner in making a positive difference in the community.
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