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Beyond EAP Services

Did you know that you can enhance any existing EAP with services from Wellspring? You don't need to be an existing client organization to purchase these services, and you can pick and choose the products you need to take your current EAP benefits to the next level. 

To learn more about how your organization can take advantage of the offerings listed below, contact us at  1-855-282-3109 or email



Hands-on, high-touch, care management concierge services that helps reduce the burden on employee caregivers.  Through this benefit, employees have access to a national network of trusted, accredited, independent professional Care Managers, who assist with assessing, planning and coordinating care.  


With this personal financial mentoring and coaching benefit, every employee has the opportunity to work with a financial coach for a specific “employer-funded coaching period” (90, 180 or 365 days) free of charge. Employees can activate this benefit at any time during the contract year. The benefit includes access to a private, secure website where they can view webinars and take advantage of a deep library of financial tools, forms, videos, and tips. 


Whether for a handful of expatriate workers or an entire international division, we can provide a common global platform of exceptional employee support services. We maintain state-of-the-art global call centers in London, England; Dublin, Ireland; Raleigh, NC, US; Toronto, Canada; Lisbon, Portugal; Bangalore, India; Jakarta, Indonesia; Lille, France; and Singapore. All locations share a universal case management system and telephony. 


Leadership Acceleration Program (LEAP®) is a 12-month transformational leadership development program that teaches best practices and leadership fundamentals to inspire, engage, and re-energize mid-level, emerging, and high potential leaders.


Develop and launch a parental leave strategy; empower your workforce to successfully manage transitions around parental leave, and the communications in between. Enable them to develop strategies and design plans around your organization’s parental leave benefits, policies and culture, through training, consultation and coaching. 


This benefit provides educational treatment solutions for children with autism spectrum disorders, Asperger’s, and PDD-NOS learning disabilities. A dynamic web-based platform with a comprehensive treatment program with over 1,500 video-based exercises, staff/parent/child training modules, and ongoing assessment tools—all developed by experts in the field of developmental disability education and research—accessible 24/7.


Choose from a Health Risk Assessment: A web based risk appraisal rooted in evidence-based guidelines, expertise, and medical research; Wellness Coaching: Unlimited access to coaches who provide individualized, goal-oriented guidance, wellness education, strategy development, and encouragement. Biometrics Screening: On-site screenings help to identify risk factors and early warning signs of serious health conditions.