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Personal Financial Mentoring & Coaching

Every employee has the opportunity to work with a financial coach for a specific “employer-funded coaching period” (90, 180 or 365 days) free of charge.   Employees can activate this benefit at any time during the contract year.

The benefit includes access to a private, secure website where they can view webinars and take advantage of a deep library of financial tools, forms, videos, and tips.

Educational Webinars and Forums

Throughout the contract year, employees may attend two monthly financial education webinars, each one addressing a different financial topic.  Also provided are quarterly forums where financial coaches answer employees’ current financial questions.

On-site Educational Classes

The program includes one on-site financial education class per quarter.  Employers may choose the topic they would like addresses in each class.

Financial Newsletters

Employers will receive a monthly e-newsletter, containing financial tips, instructional articles, and benefit component reminders, for re-distribution to their staff.

Employee Participation Rewards

In order to draw attention to this program and drive utilization into the range of twenty percent of staff in the first year alone, rewards are provided throughout the contract year at no additional cost to the employer.