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A La Carte Services

Most EAP services that are embedded in health insurance come with basic services that don't include enhancements that stand-alone EAPs offer.

Wellspring EAP offers fee-based services that companies can purchase to complement their existing EAP benefits. 


On-site Trauma Support

Unfortunately, violent and traumatic events can and do occur in the workplace.  These “critical incidents” can involve: 

1) The sudden and unexpected death of an employee at work

2) Serious injury from a shooting or other physical attack in the workplace

3) A physical or psychological threat to the safety or well-being of an employee, workgroup or business, regardless of the type of incident (e.g., robbery, a multi-casualty disaster, terrorist incident, or workplace violence incident).  

These situations can leave employees feeling distracted, fearful, vulnerable, angry, and/or unsure of how to cope.  Wellspring EAP provides a forum for employees to put their experiences into a framework, normalize crisis reactions, receive suggestions for coping, and get information about available organizational and community resources.

The client organization will have 24/7 access to a debriefing in the event something occurs requiring such an intervention. Should a critical incident occur, Wellspring will immediately make available our professional staff for on-site trauma debriefings.   

On-site Grief Support

There are other events that do not occur at the worksite in which the circumstances are so unusual as to produce a high level of immediate reactions affecting the coping skills of a workgroup.  The death of a co-worker or co-worker’s family member, employee’s terminal illness, etc., is naturally upsetting and can cause difficulty concentrating on tasks at hand.  Wellspring EAP can provide on-site group support to help participants talk about their loss, learn about the grief process, and establish an expectancy of recovery.

Managing Policy Violations or Performance Difficulties

Any of the following work performance problems or policy violations may warrant a Supervisor referral: Violations and performance issues that include, but are not limited to producing a poor work product when previously good, decreasing productivity, frequently arriving late/leaving early, missed deadlines, increased mistakes, bizarre behavior, suspected substance abuse or positive drug/alcohol screen, excessive absenteeism, destruction of workplace property, inappropriate displays of anger, insubordination, poor attitude toward supervisors/colleagues, etc.

Types of Supervisor Referrals:

FORMAL SUPERVISOR REFERRAL: A targeted referral where an employee’s wellbeing is beginning to impact the workplace but has not violated policy. Although there are no job consequences if they don’t complete a referral, it doesn’t shield an employee from a discipline related to continuous behavioral problems.  For example, an employee returns to work from lunch noticeably crying every day for 2-weeks.


  • Focused supervisory intervention or communication due to behavioral concerns or wellbeing
  • Non-punitive; to help resolve work-related behaviors
  • Participation with Wellspring EAP strongly advised, not required
  • Wellspring EAP will provide confirmation of attendance of appointment
  • Case closed after confirmation of the first assessment appointment

MANDATORY SUPERVISOR REFERRAL: When an employee violates a policy or conducts themselves in a manner that invites serious consequences.  For example, an employee swears excessively and breaks company supplies in a fit of anger. The purpose of this type of referral is to assess for and identify any underlying problem(s) impacting work performance including substance abuse, mental health or situational stressors. Wellspring EAP will assess employee’s ownership, insight & willingness to problem solve. Treatment recommendations will be made IF an underlying issue is identified that directly impacts work performance.


  • Policy violation or work performance issue(s) have crossed threshold which could invoke serious consequences
  • The employee may receive treatment recommendations
  • Monitoring or continued compliance with Wellspring EAP recommendations may be required at the organization’s discretion
  • May be considered a “Last Chance Agreement” when the referral is made in lieu of termination for severe policy violation or behavior

Supervisor Consultations

These calls may be to seek guidance on approaching a difficult work situation or simply wanting suggestions on a performance review being prepared for an employee.

Wellspring EAP excels in finding creative solutions to vexing employee problems. Wellspring will partner with the client company, become familiar with them as an organization, and deliver timely services that minimize the disruption to productivity that arise from employee concerns and difficulties. 

Wellspring EAP provides services to supervisors and managers to help them make the best decisions about how to proceed with even the most difficult employee or employee group.

At times, supervisors need immediate expert consultation regarding sensitive performance issues, difficult terminations, threats of violence, suspicion of alcohol or drug use, etc. Wellspring EAP specializes in Human Resource management consultation in the context of an organization’s culture.

Group Facilitation

Workgroups that are in conflict or experiencing serious communication problems often provide a difficult challenge to an organization. Our facilitators will provide a neutral assessment through climate surveys and interviews with staff and management, and then design an intervention to improve the working relationships of these factions.

Managing Effective Change

Perhaps an organization’s greatest challenge is to be proactive rather than reactive to ongoing change. We have training and facilitation to assist you with mergers, downsizing or major organizational transformations. Navigating through these transitions without expert planning can really undermine morale and productivity.


Mediation is sometimes used when there is interpersonal communication, or other types of issues between two or more employees that impact performance, teamwork, work environment, services to clients or customers and/or productivity.  Many times an organization will give the employees an opportunity to get at the underlying issues and interests through facilitation by a third party neutral in order to arrive at a mutually formulated agreement.

Through mediation, the participants will also learn to communicate better with each other and are more likely to maintain positive working relationships.  They will often be able to resolve future interpersonal communication misunderstandings without outside help.

Seminars and Workshops

As life becomes more hectic, employees embrace opportunities to develop skills that help manage the competing demands they face in their personal and work lives. By providing a wide variety of seminars and workshops, Wellspring EAP can assist the organization in promoting a healthy work environment where teaching employees are engaged and effective in their roles. These worksite learning opportunities are designed to educate and motivate teaching employees to be proactive and effective in managing their work responsibilities and personal lives.

Seminar content is designed to assist participants in learning new skills, modifying behaviors, improving communication techniques and utilizing resources that enhance personal effectiveness.  Participants gain practical knowledge and useful strategies to help with problem-solving and improving relationships.

The exchange of ideas and discussion of challenges serves to further enrich the experience of participants.