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On-Site Grief and Trauma Support

On-site Trauma Support

Unfortunately, violent and traumatic events can and do occur in the workplace.  These “critical incidents” can involve: 

  • The sudden and unexpected death of an employee at work

  • Serious injury from a shooting or other physical attack in the workplace

  • A physical or psychological threat to the safety or well-being of an employee, work group or business, regardless of the type of incident (e.g., robbery, a multi-casualty disaster, terrorism incident, or workplace violence incident). 

These situations can leave employees feeling distracted, fearful, vulnerable, angry, and/or unsure of how to cope.  Wellspring EAP provides a forum for employees to put their experiences into a framework, normalize crisis reactions, receive suggestions for coping, and get information about available organizational and community resources.

The client organization will have 24/7 access to a debriefing in the event something occurs requiring such an intervention. Should a critical incident occur, Wellspring will immediately make available our professional staff for on-site trauma debriefings.  

On-site Grief Support

There are other events that do not occur at the work site in which the circumstances are so unusual as to produce a high level of immediate reactions affecting the coping skills of a work group.  The death of a co-worker or co-worker’s family member, employee’s terminal illness, etc., is naturally upsetting and can cause difficulty concentrating on tasks at hand.  Wellspring EAP can provide on-site group support to help participants talk about their loss, learn about the grief process, and establish an expectancy of recovery.